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Thursday, June 28th

I was thinking something @sgruetter... Shouldn't you pick the content (at least for now) for the homepage, if not should you at least show the most voted stuff only? I see a lot of mixed stuff to generate content, but the problem this will drop your conversion as the user feel the content not adequate. Like if a go to reddit.com I get the best content only, if I'm brave I then switch to the "New" part. Or do you see improvements in conversion rate since the increase of content?

Thursday, June 14th

@sgruetter: **feature request:** generate link for specific post (aka add Share alongside with Edit, Delete), so you can share for example a single post via twitter or whatsapp without having to link to your personal feed. This could actually help to spread the platform by involving other peoples into discussions/posts.

JacoBurge TouchPad First Impressions

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Wednesday, May 30th

Wow 7 USD with a single upvote? Not bad :)

Tuesday, May 8th

BTW another smaller UI bug, I think they should be separated by a new line

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How about some marketing/adwords/HN/ for Folleon? Feels a bit lonely here...

Friday, April 27th

Thanks Folleon for the 6 free months! One small note, on mobile (chrome) I find the left border taking too much space... Can't you align (on mobile) on the left side below the avatar icon? Keep rocking

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Wednesday, April 18th

What about adding a "recommended by" part in the user profile?

The Banner isn't using too much space?

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Friday, April 13th

One note about the profile page: IMO the profile page should focus on displaying the posts of the user. Currently the page is using a lot of space for picture, recommends, follows etc... I would rather keep it smaller or even on a side column. What do you think @sgruetter?