First days of production

After a lot of great feedback I was working on several bug fixes and smaller improvements. This covers, more or less (scrolling through git log...):

  • Fixed sign-in issues and username problems
  • Removed several references to source files that don't belong to production
  • Made sure all requests go to and not - these kind of errors usually only show up in production πŸ˜‰
  • Fixed an issue where external links were opened twice in Firefox
  • Added Open Graph metadata and nice icons
  • Fixed an issue with Firefox where login might not have worked properly after restarting the browser
  • Set several security headers to mitigate a wide range of potential attacks
  • Comply with the Cookie Law :-(
  • Added a nice, small FAQ, see here:


Changes reach production quite fast - it takes only about two minutes to bring them form my machine to production πŸ˜ƒ

As always, feedback and feature requests are welcome!


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Btw something arriving soon will be the Edit feature - to correct my from/form typos πŸ˜‚