Ecology is a new ideology

How can we get involved with #Trash_Hero and make a difference in helping to #protect our #environment?
These days, my favorite topic for conversation is the #rebellion that happened #accidentally, from the people who really #managed to #fight for just one #ideal - our #natural_environment. We're back where it all began, in #tribes, united, next to the #river! Let's be #heroes who clean our #environment, guard our rivers -this clean our minds! This man sits in front of the excavator and defends the life of the river with his life. We need these heroes!!!

Uploaded by Mara
Uploaded by Mara


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The least thing anybody can do is not just throwing trash away, but put it in the trash. Here in Switzerland #littering was kind of a problem a few years back. It's gotten better, though. The people seem to have understood that it's just disgusting and careless to throw away one's own trash. Now the streets and fields are clean(er) again, which is really nice!

I lived and worked in Switzerland, which is also inhabited by mortals who would not practice so much order, but a #system in which they are is so perfect, precise and socially and economically #perfect - in the true sense of that word. Swiss and Serbian fields are the same, but farmers do not have the same end of the day, as well as street sweepers, as well as those who build bridges ...