“Three leading French physicists claim to have made a ‘sensational breakthrough’ into the mysteries of how UFOs are powered.

Dr. Jean-Pierre Petit, Dr. Claude Poher and Dr. Maurice Viton, have constructed what they term a “UFO engine’ or, The Petit-Viton Magnetohydrodynamic Motor’ by using, so they say, a combination of both electromagnetic and nuclear energy.

The French scientists claim fantastic results and tremendous power output in the order of 1,000 million watts. The ufo engine was built at the Astronomical Observatory in Marseilles.

Possibly one of the most amazing developments of the French ufo engine, is that the physicists claim to have discovered how to suppress the shock waves which slow down any object moving through the air. Petit said:

“It all comes down to standard physics. An electromagnetic field can create a low pressure area under an aerodyne, or flying saucer. To this can be related the peculiar property of plasma. Plasma’s magnetic field is frozen inside while it expands at unimaginable speeds, producing an electrical current. Using plasma, a belt of “free air’ can be created. The molecules of air in front of this belt are pushed aside without piling on top of each other, as they do when a normal aerofoil passes through the atmosphere fast enough to break the sound barrier.

We’re not saying we’re solved the problem, but we think we have cracked the principle behind the effects observed in unidentified-flying-objects”

As a matter of interest, one of the physicists who co-developed the ufo engine is now head of an official French ufo research group. Dr. Claude Poher, formerly in charge of the Astronomy Department, Scientific Systems, Projects Division and Sounding Rockets Division of the French National Centre for Space Studies (CNES), is now director of GEPAN (Groupe d’Etude des Phenomenes Aerospatiaux Non Identifies)”.

[The above information was sourced from a book called “Prehistoric Germ Warfare” by Robin Collyns (1980), which gave its source as Australasian Post (from Los Angeles) dated March 31 1977 from an article on the French Ufo Motor by Bernard D. SCOTT.]