hello new people!

I'm so happy to see so many new people on the platform. A lot of you are following me, too - so you'll see this at the top of your feeds :)

I'm Miloš, and I'm helping the developers make Folleon the best it can be.

So, I just wanted to encourage you to get involved and try posting stuff. We've got everything set up and running just fine. You can both #learn and #earn on #Folleon. The "you earned $X.XX yesterday" message is awesome, do try it.

For starters, you might want to visit our Quick Start page to quickly learn the ropes. There's also a longer FAQ page right here with all the nitty-gritty explained.

You can also reply to me right here, if you wanna talk things through.

Happy learning and earning!

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Hello, Milos, are there some restrictions on the topics?