Much Better Google Indexing After Fixing Memory Leaks in Our Node Servers

Recently I posted how to find and fix memory leaks in node.js. This increased the performance of my node/express API server drastically from 87 to 296 requests per second!

This was a month ago. Since then I noticed that Google indexes this site much more often, and with more appetite. Lets have a look at the attached screen shot, taken today from the Search Console. The Search Console allows you to see how Google indexes your site, how often it appears in search results, and for what search queries.

Right after July 17, when the fix was applied, our servers responded more stable, more quickly, and Google improved it's indexing behavior.

We use to monitor our services. updown alerts us immediately when the service is not or too slowly responding, or wrong data was delivered. The second screen shot shows that Folleon is now really reliably working, and usually responds in less than 500 ms. Our servers are located in Switzerland, thus all the requests have to find their way here and back again. Obviously this takes longer when you're, for example, in Miami.

Oh, by the way, the downtimes you can see at the end of the screen shot – represented by red dots – are either due to Internet networking errors, or because Folleon was changed so that updown alerted false-positives πŸ˜‰

In short: watch out for those nasty memory leaks, and fix em!

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Uploaded by sgruetter
Uploaded by sgruetter

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whoa. I never knew it could be so dramatic! well done, you :)