Programming time, dates, timezones, recurring events, leap seconds... everything is pretty terrible.
The common refrain in the industry is Just use UTC! Just use UTC! And that's correct... sort of. But if you're stuck building software that deals with time, there's so much more to consider. It's time... to talk about time.

Awesome, and #mindblowing for one who is fascinated by time and has had a fair share of handling time in #software #engineering.

And the other one ( is basically a #rant about Apples poor UX on their current #MacBook Pro:

The basic flaw is that these ultra-thin keys are easily paralyzed by particulate matter. Dust can block the keycap from pressing the switch, or disable the return mechanism.


Her research found that “while some keys can be very delicately removed, the spacebar breaks every single time anyone, including a professional, tries to remove it.”


Ask any Touch Bar owner if they would trade a tenth of a millimeter for a more reliable keyboard. No one who has followed this Apple support document ( instructing them to shake their laptop at a 75 degree angle and spray their keyboard with air in a precise zig-zag pattern will quibble over a slightly thicker design.

And so on... However, to me the most annoying thing about these keyboards is that the keys click when typing. Not in a mechanical keyboard way, but in an annoying, uncomfortable way. It's really distracting. Once I had such a MacBook Pro (13" 2017), there the Tab key even sounded and felt differently depending on where it was hit. That's just poor quality for the price tag the laptop comes with. Naturally, I returned to the 2015 13" device which is still an awesome piece of engineering and product development.