I was thinking something @sgruetter... Shouldn't you pick the content (at least for now) for the homepage, if not should you at least show the most voted stuff only? I see a lot of mixed stuff to generate content, but the problem this will drop your conversion as the user feel the content not adequate. Like if a go to reddit.com I get the best content only, if I'm brave I then switch to the "New" part. Or do you see improvements in conversion rate since the increase of content?

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I see the problem with the current form of the feed, and that it doesn't work this way at the moment. The feed sorts the posts by upvotes and time – what is probably fine when there are enough posts all the time. However, that's at the moment not the case and thus doesn't matter. I could tweak the algorithm and post on a regular basis (resp. pay people to do so), so that we actually see the posts being re-ordered due to upvotes, but that wouldn't fix the problem of the nature of the feed (lack of discoverability, no feeling of grouping, lack of personality, etc.).

I have to rethink the whole thing. I want something like HackerNews + Twitter + Reddit (at least the discussion part). This isn't the current approach – I'm not yet sure what it could be. The platform also needs a property to allow it to grow naturally, without artificial boost initially. It doesn't work (as seen now) when it's developed for a case where already many users are using it.

Now I have a month full-time to improve (then the new job starts). Time to go back to square one. Let's see where we get ;-)