Boiling Frogs - about lowering your standards to mediocrity

  1. Don't just ignore issues, backlog them up (& keep grooming / cleaning it as well)
  2. Unless in prolonged firefight, keep at least 1 improvement experiment (aimed to fix stuff) running
  3. Stuff on the top of the list (highest priorities) should have their owners (accountable people - SPoCs)
  4. Principle "always leave the stuff you touch in not worse shape than it was before" is absolutely crucial & fundamental. Some would refer to so-called Starfish Principle - fix tiny things on the daily basis, the summarized effect over long period of time will make a huge difference
  5. Never stop preaching & evangelizing desired values (/qualities), but what's even the most important - do apply them yourself hence leading by example! aka don't expect others to conform to something you don't conform to

The Senior Engineer’s Guide to Helping Others Make Decisions

Instead of “no”, “but” or “yes, but…” (a subtle negative), learn to say “yes”, or “yes, and…”.

API design: Choosing between names and identifiers in URLs

Identifiers are for look-up. Names are for search.

Modern Software Over-Engineering Mistakes

Learn a different language and try the other mindset of doing things. That makes a fundamentally better developer.