A month ago Bitfinex (one of the largest #Bitcoin market places in the world) was looking into moving to Switzerland, now Kaspersky announced to build a data center in Zurich and move here:

We are relocating a good part of our infrastructure to Zurich, Switzerland, including the “software assembly line” and servers that store and process Kaspersky Security Network data, and creating our very first Transparency Center.

They want to gain back the trust of European and American agencies to sell their antivirus software:

First, our build systems — or “assembly line” — which work on the compilation and creation of Kaspersky Lab products and threat detection rule updates, will now be located in Zurich. That way, our software will be compiled and signed in Switzerland under the supervision of a third-party organization before being distributed to customers.

The development of the software will remain in Moscow.

It seems that Switzerland's neutrality continues to pay off!